Dice.... The Queen of Murder
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Dice.... The Queen of Murder

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Paradice “Dice” Kane is far from your everyday Businesswomen; She breaks all the rules and moves according to her own standards. Dice has traded her old life of crazy long murderous nights, for a simpler life as a Club owner. But, what happens when enemies slip through the cracks. A deadly mission seeking revenge is planned.
Lies, secrets, Betrayal, revenge and untold family secrets are revealed all hell can be unleashed and tons of blood will be shed.
When the dust settles can Dice withstand the turmoil that has become her life; or will she go out with a blaze like only Bosses do.
Step inside and let Dice take you on an impulsive deadly ride, into the dwellings of The Paradice Lounge. Where sex isn't the only thing being served on a sliver platter; so is Murder and Mayhem